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Ideal Upsell - 8 Products That Provide Peace of Mind Safety
One effective way to enhance your service and provide unparalleled value to your clients is by offering a range of safety products as upsells.In this blog, we'll explore the world of upselling safety products, discuss their importance and benefits, and provide a curated list of essential items that can provide safety and peace of mind.
David Mount On-Site Training at SSC
SSC Elevates Customer Service with Dave Mount On-Site Training
Outstanding customer service is the key to success. Therefore, SSC has gone above and beyond to ensure we can answer your installation and technical questions. Recently, we hosted a two-day hands-on training seminar with Dave Mount of Mount On-Site Training.
SSC Celebrates 60 years in business!
SSC Celebrates 60th Anniversary
Upselling and Cross-selling blog card
Upselling and Cross-Selling
Gain insight into the process of upselling and cross-selling additional or better quality products to your customer without being overbearing or losing their business.
The 4 C's of amazing customer service
The 4 C's of Customer Service
Customer Service at SSC is very important to us, but even more importantly, to our clients. After all, service is in our name. We hope the content in this article helps you provide better service and value to your customers.
Customer service is important, we'll give tips on how to manage unhappy customers while keeping calm
How to Manage Unhappy Customers
Unhappy customers…we have all dealt with them at some point in our life from working in retail, food, hospitality and service industries. The challenge is how do we best deal with the situation and customer. In the garage door industry dealers and installers work with homeowners and businesses everyday who may become unhappy for a variety of reasons.