SSC Videos

SSC Videos
MillerEdge Monitored Light Curtain Overview
An overview of MillerEdge Monitored Light Curtain.
A Day in the Lift of a Production Lead
A Day in the Life at SSC - Robin Aubry
SSC spotlights Robin Aubry, team leader at the Monclova, OH manufacturing facity. Learn what a typical day is like for Robin.
A Day in the Life of SSC's Safety Manager
A Day in the Life at SSC - Zac Brown
Learn what a typical day is like for Zac Brown, Safety Manager at SSC.
A Day in the Life of Accounting
A Day in the Life at SSC - Accounting
SSC highlights a day in the life of the Accounting Department. Watch this video to learn more about what a typical day is like for Accounting at SSC.
How to instal spring filler
How to Install Spring Filler
PVC spring filler is used to help reduce spring chatter to provide a quieter door operation. To install PVC spring filler into a larger ID spring, first the PVC is cut down to the proper length. For springs that have an ID of 5 7/8”and smaller, the PVC should be cut 2” shorter than the length of the spring. For springs with an ID greater than 5 7/8”, the PVC should be 1” shorter than the length of the spring. Once the PVC has been cut, it can be put inside the spring. Then the correct cones can be assembled on the ends.
Garage door wire types
Garage Door Spring Wire Types
The experts at SSC explain the difference between oil tempered wire, hard drawn wire, galvanized wire, and square wire and how each kind of wire produces a different kind of spring with its own unique qualities.

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