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Google Analytics
How to Easily Setup Google Analytics on Your Website in 3 Steps
Google Analytics is an invaluable tool for your business. It allows you to discover many things about your site and the visitors to it. In this setup guide, we walk you through 3 simple steps to add Google Analytics to your site.
Google My Business
The Importance of Google My Business
Here at SSC we value our customers and we truly want you to be successful. Many businesses develop their online presence through social media, specifically Facebook. They create their Facebook page, begin promoting it and encourage friends, customers and others to “like” the page. But businesses often overlook a far more beneficial online tool especially for SEO...
Guide to analytical data
What Analytical Data to focus on
Analytical data can be overwhelming. Our goal in this guide is to help provide you with some insights into what key analytic metrics to focus on. This guide assumes you have Google Analytics setup and running on your site.