SSC has the tools to help.

When you have issues balancing a garage door, especially out in the field, you need answers fast. Below is a link to our reference chart that can help you narrow down some of the most common garage door balancing issues. Our SSC engineering app can be used in tandem with our chart to help you narrow down just about any garage door balance issue!

SSC…we don’t just manufacture springs, we help you find solutions. 

The SSC Spring Engineering app gives you the power to engineer and convert springs, compare drums, engineer springs by IPPT and much more. It gets you answers…fast.

Safety Notice

Any work completed on a garage door should be completed by a trained garage door professional. 

3 Factors for determining the correct cable length for a garage door

3 Factors for Determining Cable Length of a Garage Door

Ensuring that the garage door has the proper cable length is vital in making sure that the door is balanced and functions properly. In this article we go over those and how the SSC Spring Engineering App helps find the correct length.

5 Things for correct spring size blog card

5 Things to Know for determining the correct spring size

Determining the correct garage door spring is dependent on a few variables that need to be considered. This article goes over those and how to use the SSC Spring Engineering App to quickly determine the correct spring size.

4 additional areas that can affect the gargae door balance

Many times we focus on the obvious areas that impact the balance of a garage door. In this article we look at 4 additional areas that are sometimes overlooked and can impact the balance of the door.