Weather Seal

Weather Seal


Shop our extensive selection of weather seal product, ready to ship directly to your door step.

Double Garage Doors on Craftsman Home

Uni-Flex Door Stop

Made of a never-rot, lifetime-durable material, the Bright White 2” Uni-Flex Door Stop is a popular PVC moulding to seal gaps between the garage door and door jamb.

Brush Seal

Brush seal is made with tightly compacted bristles that nearly eliminate air infiltration and block unwanted pests. They are available in easy to install kits or by the foot for custom installations.

Clip On Jamb Seals

Made for the interior of a garage door, clip on jamb seals are easy to install and create a seal for better temperature control. Available in Almond, Black, Brown, Grey, Sandstone, and White.

Door Stop is designed to keep bugs, dirt, weather, and grime outside where it belongs.

Garage Door Stop provides a weather tight seal around the garage door and creates a clean, finished look on the exterior of any home. Shop our in-stock popular door stop models or drop-ship nearly any style, color or size directly to your doorstep. 

Garage Door

The tools you need to complete any job

From cleaning tools to safety tools, SSC has what you need for any garage door repair or replacement.

Having the right tool in your belt is important to finishing any job quickly and safely. SSC carries a wide variety of tools: cutters, stagers, cable pullers, sockets, bits, multi-cut tools, winding bars and measuring tools, that are a necessity in the overhead door industry.

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Our manufacturing and distribution locations are strategically located around the United States to get your order to your delivery dock as quickly as possible. Our Service Centers, located in Chicago, Dallas, Detroit, Toledo, Orlando, Philadelphia and Phoenix even offer same day, local pick up. Keeping your business operating is our top priority and having garage door springs and replacement parts delivered on time, is crucial to keeping your business up and running.