Garage Door Lubricants and Choosing the Right One

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Garage doors, whether in residential or commercial settings, play a vital role in our daily lives. To keep them functioning smoothly and reliably, lubricant is a critical factor. Different lubricants are available to address the specific needs of various garage door components, from springs and rollers to tracks and hinges. Each type of lubricant offers distinct advantages and performance characteristics, making it essential for garage door technicians to select the most suitable lubricant for their application. In this guide, we will explore the diverse lubricant options designed to enhance the performance and longevity of garage doors, helping you make informed choices for your maintenance needs.

Lube Types

First, we will look at the different lube types available and highlight their different uses. SSC offers 5 different types to ensure you have access to the right lubricant when you need it.

  1. PTFE: PTFE lubricant, also known as polytetrafluoroethylene lubricant, is a high-performance synthetic. It is prized for its exceptional non-stick properties and superior resistance to extreme temperatures and chemicals. PTFE lubricant reduces friction and wear, making it an ideal choice for a wide range of applications, from lubricating rollers, hinges, and other higher friction points of the garage door.
  2. White Lithium: White Lithium lubricant is a versatile grease-based compound known for its exceptional durability and versatility. It consists of a thick white grease infused with lithium soap, which provides excellent water and heat resistance. White Lithium lubricant is widely used to protect and lubricate metal parts, hinges, and bearings, ensuring smooth operation and long-lasting performance in various applications.
  3. Oil: Oil-based lubricants are indispensable for ensuring the smooth and reliable operation of various components. These lubricants, typically formulated with mineral or petroleum-based oils, offer exceptional lubrication and protection for garage door springs, rollers, tracks, and hinges. Their ability to withstand temperature fluctuations and reduce friction makes them an ideal choice for prolonging the life of garage door mechanisms, preventing rust, and maintaining optimal functionality.
  4. Silicone: Silicone lubricant is the ultimate solution for garage door maintenance. Formulated with high-quality silicone oil, it excels in providing long-lasting, all-weather lubrication that keeps garage doors running smoothly and quietly. Its exceptional resistance to moisture and temperature fluctuations makes it the ideal choice for ensuring optimal performance and extending the lifespan of garage door components, from rollers to hinges.
  5. Synthetic: Synthetic lubricants provide long-lasting, reliable lubrication for essential components, ensuring smooth, noise-free operation and minimal wear and tear. Their ability to resist moisture and temperature fluctuations makes them an ideal solution for maximizing the efficiency and lifespan of garage door systems.

Temperature Range

Understanding temperature ranges in lubricants is paramount in the garage door maintenance industry. Different lubricants have specific temperature limits in which they perform optimally. For instance, in cold climates, silicone-based lubricants excel due to their ability to remain effective even in freezing conditions, ensuring smooth operation of garage door components. Conversely, synthetic lubricants are favored in high-temperature environments, where they maintain stability and reduce friction, ultimately extending the lifespan of garage door mechanisms. Careful selection of lubricants based on temperature considerations is crucial for reliable and long-lasting garage door performance.

California Compliant

California has strict guidelines concerning the use of certain chemicals and emissions, making it crucial to select lubricants that meet these compliance standards. By adhering to California-compliant lubricants, professionals not only ensure environmental responsibility but also avoid potential legal ramifications, ensuring safe and sustainable garage door maintenance practices that align with state regulations. Nearly all lubricants SSC offers are California compliant.

Private Label Option

SSC Offers 3 lubricants where you can place your company logo on to give it a branded look. Fill out one of our private label forms at the links below.

Lube Comparison Chart

SSC Part #NameLube TypeOunces/ Per CanCalifornia CompliantPrivate Label AvailableFood GradeTemp Range (F)Purpose
SSC 1233-Way Nozzle Spray LubePTFE13YESNONON/AAll purpose lubricant with a 3-way adjustable nozzle that allows control of flow from mist to stream. Prevents rust and corrosion build up while not attracting dust or dirt over time.
SSCAYDSSCAYD Gell LubePTFE13YESNONON/AA transparent high pressure, water resistant lubricant that penetrates tight areas and sets up into a grease-like gel with high adhesive strength. Fortified with PTFE, it dries clear and is virtually invisible once applied.
434Multi-Purpose Spray LubeWhite Lithium14NOYESNO-60/350Designed to reduce metal to metal friction on any surface under heavy loads. Formulated with rust corrosion inhibitors and waterproofs the treated surface.
560129Multi-Purpose Spray LubeWhite Lithium14YESYESNO-60/350Designed to reduce metal to metal friction on any surface under heavy loads. Formulated with rust corrosion inhibitors and waterproofs the treated surface.
449ULtra Gel Spray LubePTFE13YESYESNO-30/600A high adhesive strength lubricant that withstands extreme pressure. Easily dispensed spray penetrates tight areas by initially going on thin and immediately forming a viscous film.
492845Z-45 Spray LubeOil15NOYESNO-55/474Penetrating lubricant that contains PTFE for added lubricity during extreme temperatures. Defends against corrosion and dissolves grease and grime.
464Silicone Spray LubeSilicone9.75YESNONO-58/600Non-drying formula lubricates, protects and lengthens life of all rubber parts. Thick viscous film adheres to most surfaces like a magnet.
GS11AGetsome Spray LubeOil11YESNOYES0/360Long lasting, non toxic, no odor, non staining, non conductive, non halogenic, non carcinogenic, LOW VOC, NO CFCs, and safe on plastics, metals, enamels, etc. Professional and commercial grade. Food Grade H-1NSF certified.
SLIPITSlip-It Spray LubeSilicone11YESNOYES220Ideal for use in hard to reach spots and inhibits rust and corrosion. Dielectric properties for use in electrical applications.
463Foamy Spray LubeOil15.75YESNONON/AFoaming action provides extended penetration and moisture displacement. The foam minimizes run off and keeps the product working on rusted parts.
PROSLPRO SL Spray GreaseSynthetic9YESNONO-65/300Synthetic penetrating lubricant with excellent rust-inhibitive properties. When applied correctly, it can provide years of corrosion protection in fresh water environments.
436PRO 21 Spray GreaseSynthetic9YESNONO-80/400Formulated with a superior base stock and advanced additives which will lubricate and protect machinery, parts, and surfaces against friction, oxidation, corrosion, and other types of distress.
135063Chain & Cable FluidOil11YESNONO-40/350Lubricating, penetrating, and cleansing fluid designed to penetrate strands and reduce
friction between wire rope, while protecting inner core from rust and corrosion.
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