Solutions to Offer Homeowners for Low Headroom Garage Doors

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If you are working on a garage door job on an older home or home with living space above, you have probably come across low headroom garage doors. What options are available for a garage door opener in low-headroom situations? In this article, we look at opener options for low headroom and other options if those openers do not work for the job.

Wall-Mount (Jackshaft) Garage Door Openers

Wall-mount (jackshaft) openers are a more straightforward solution if space is available to mount the opener to the garage door. Wall Mount openers have the least amount of headroom requirements with a minimum of 3” of clearance. The challenge for wall-mount openers is the space needed to the side of the garage door to mount the opener. The space required is generally 8”.

Wall-mount openers attach directly to the torsion spring shaft removing the need for a chain or belt track that typically requires a minimum of 12 inches. In addition, modifying a garage door to a wall-mount opener frees up space above the garage door that can be used as storage by the homeowner. See our selection of wall-mount openers on our website.

Low Headroom Hardware Options

While wall mount openers are one of the preferred methods in low headroom situations due to the quick installation process, there are other options for the homeowner. You can recommend to the homeowner different garage door hardware options where you can install a traditional garage door opener in as low as 4 ½” of clearance. SSC offers multiple hardware options for low headroom. Learn more about the different low headroom options in our 5 Low Headroom Options Blog.

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We carry several wall-mount operator options for limited headroom.

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