Our Solutons line offers free mobile apps and desktop solutions to your spring engineering needs as well as educational, subscription based training to keep your team at the top of their game.

SSC Spring Engineering

SSC Spring Engineering gives you the power to engineer and convert springs, compare drums, engineer springs by IPPT and much more in the palm of your hand. Whether you're in the field requesting a quote, or back in the office managing your next customer stop, SSC Spring Engineering is a fast, all-inclusive way for you or the whole company to manage their responsibilities.

SSC Spring Engineering Desktop

SSC Spring Engineering Desktop gives your the power to engineer and convert springs, compare drums, and engineer springs by IPPT at your computer. The digital rate book makes it easier to complete your engineering from the comfort of your desk chair! Download the digital download for FREE today!

Solutions Education

Solutions Education is a subscription-based training program created by industry experts to educate the overhead door industry and standardize training. Based on your input and suggestions, our program is constantly evolving to meet your needs.


  • Unlimited full video bundle subscription for just $9.99/mo. or purchase individual videos for 15 days
  • Consistently train all employees
  • Certify employees with quizzes following each course
  • Use it anytime, anywhere on desktop or mobile devices
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Top 5 Courses


Dismantle and Install a Residential Garage Door

This course will walk you through a detailed process for completely removing an old residential garage door and installing a new insulated garage door. We will cover steps from tools and parts, to replacing the counterbalance assembly, to installing the new garage door and testing for proper operation.


Commercial Garage Door Installation

All the way from mounting the door frame to back hanging the track, this course will walk you through the basic steps for installing a commercial garage door.


Installing a Residential Draw-Bar Operator

This course will walk you through the detailed process of completely removing and replacing a residential draw-bar style garage door opener. We will cover removal of the old opener, installing safety equipment, installing the new opener, and adjusting safety and limit settings on the new opener.


Drive Gear Assembly Replacement

This course will take you through the steps for replacing a LiftMaster Residential drive gear assembly.


Installing A Residential Jack-Shaft Style Garage Door Operator

This course will walk you through the basic steps for installing a residential jack-shaft style garage door operator (Liftmaster 3900).

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