Ideal Upsell – How to Improve Garage Door Noise

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At SSC, we strive to provide you with resources that help provide better service to your customers. We are starting new blog series on ideal upsells that you can promote to your customers. In this first installment, we look at products for a quieter garage door operation.

Upsell Opportunities

Before we dive into products offered for quiet garage door operation, let’s look at opportunities in which a more quiet garage door operation would be desirable:

  • Bedroom
  • In-law (Guest) Suite
  • Home Office
  • Playroom
  • Man Cave
  • Theater Room
  • Game Room

The top 3: a bedroom, in-law suite or home office, are the most common uses for space above a garage. Home offices are also becoming more common as more people work from home.

Garage Door Hardware

First, we look at the different garage door hardware options available for a quieter garage door operation.

Nylon Rollers

Nylon is much quieter compared to steel rollers in which you have metal on metal as the door opens and closes. Nylon rollers are also less corrosive and tend to last longer than steel. They are recommended in high humidity environments such as Florida and other coastal areas.

Quiet Hinges

Quiet hinges have additional space that allows for a sleeve to be inserted that lowers the noise of the hinge.

  • New install – If you are doing a new garage door install and the homeowner has a living space above the garage, we suggest recommending quiet hinges over traditional ones.
  • Existing – if the homeowner has a garage door in good condition, offer to replace the garage door hinges with quiet hinges to minimize noise.

Tired of the noise? Check out SSC’s quiet hinges, sleeves and nylon rollers to make your garage door as quiet as possible!

BUYING TIP: SSC offers all these products individually and in a quiet hinge kit.

Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are another area where you can recommend alternative options for a quiet garage door operation. First, let’s look at the different garage door opener types:

For quieter operating garage doors, the belt drive or wall mount openers are the ideal choice to offer your customers.

Bonus: Spring Filler

A bonus product you can offer to your customers is spring filler which helps reduce the noise of garage door springs while in operation. This is a piece of PVC plastic that fits over the torsion spring shaft and fills the space between the shaft and spring, minimizing the amount of noise the spring makes.

Shop Our Selection of Spring Filler Here


Homeowner Disclaimer: We do not recommend a homeowner attempt to make any of these updates or changes. We recommend you consult a garage door professional to complete any work on your garage door safely.

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