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Garage door weather seal is one of the most important parts of a garage door. So much so, that it can seem overwhelming with all the different options available. In this article we touch on the options and tips for each.

7 Garage Door Weather Seal Options

For a garage door, there are various seal types, many of which have different designs for certain applications. Below, we go over each, the different designs and the best case uses.

  1. Bottom seal – Shop Bottom Seal
  2. Top caps & seals – Shop Top Caps & Seals
  3. Door stops – Shop Door Stops
  4. Threshold seal – Shop Threshold Seals
  5. Brush seal – Shop Brush Seals
  6. Reverse angle mount seal – Shop Reverse Angle Mount Seal
  7. Panel weatherstripping

Bottom Seal

Garage Door Bottom Seal

Bottom seal is one of the most common weather seals for a garage door, along with door stop seals (which we will cover next). Where bottom seal can be tricky is with the many design options available and the best use for each. To begin, let us look at the different design options.

  • J-Type: garage door bottom seal seal j-type are J-shaped rubber seals used with single track retainers. When the door is closed the seal will form two J letter shapes.
  • Beaded: T-shaped seals used in double channel retainers that have circular grooves.
  • T-Type: Form a t-shape on both sides and are like beaded seals and used in double channel retainers.
  • Bulb: Single track retainer seals that are circular in shape and used in applications where the surface is uneven.

Top Caps & Seals

Garage Door Top Cap Seal

Top seals are a valuable addition for sealing a garage door. They attach to the top of the garage door and seal to the top of the header when the door is closed. When used in conjunction with a door stop seal, they provide extra protection to seal out the elements.

Door Stop Seals

Garage Door Stop

Door stops serve two purposes. One, they seal the sides and tops of the door from outside elements. Two, they add a clean, finished look to the garage door. Door stops are available in variety of colors to match the garage door or compliment the exterior trim of a home.

PRO TIP: When installing, begin with the top seal and then the sides. When the garage door closes, it will provide a proper seal for the door.

Threshold Seals

Garage Door Threshold

Threshold garage door seals attach directly to the concrete of the garage floor. Common examples of threshold seal use are: you notice the garage is getting water in when it rains and two, when the door is closed, you still see light shining through the bottom. Threshold seal is attached to the concrete using adhesive.

(Insert image of Threshold Seal)

Brush Seals

Garage Door Brush Seal

Brush seals are made up of a metal retainer with an exchangeable brush insert. Both the retainer and brush can vary in size depending on the gap being covered. Brush seals are commonly used in commercial/industrial settings. They can be found on the bottom of doors that have high friction, such as rotating doors and on corrugated, rolling steel doors where a standard door seal does not work effectively.

(Insert image of brush seal)

Reverse Angle Mount Seal

Garage Door Reverse and Guide Weather Seal

Reverse angle mount seal is a common weather seal in industrial settings or metal buildings. The seal attaches to the reverse angle used to mount garage door track.

PRO TIP: When installing angle seal double check that the angle of the seal is pointing in towards the building.

Panel Weatherstripping

Panel weatherstripping is a V-shaped seal that is used to seal between garage door panels of typically older, wood garage doors that do not interlock or have grooves that come together when closed. The weatherstripping is a self-adhesive that is placed between the panels of the door. Many modern garage doors today have interlocking panels that do not require the need for panel weatherstripping.


Garage Door Weather Seal Chart

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