Don’t Replace Your Garage Door Spring Call a Professional

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Ah, the trusty garage door. It shelters your precious car, doubles as a storage haven for forgotten stuff, and even grants epic driveway basketball moments. When your once-gleaming door starts groaning like a haunted swing set, the culprit is likely a broken spring. That’s where the big question arises: DIY or call the pros?

Let’s unpack the toolbox and look at common questions you may have.

Common Homeowner Questions

How much does it cost to replace a garage door spring? 

On average, professional garage door spring replacement costs between $200 and $500. This might seem like a hefty sum, but that cost gets you a trained expert, other preventative maintenance, and peace of mind safety.

Can I replace a garage door spring myself?

Replacing a single extension spring yourself might be possible, but it requires specific tools, knowledge, and carries significant safety risks. Torsion springs are absolutely not a DIY job. 

Torsion springs store immense tension and attempting to replace them yourself can be extremely dangerous, leading to serious injuries. Leave this to trained professionals equipped with the proper safety gear and knowledge.

When should I call a professional for my garage door?

    • Broken or snapped springs: If the spring is damaged or broken call a professional to come out and make the repair as well as inspect what may have caused the spring to fail.

    • Uneven lifting: This indicates potential issues with tracks, rollers, or even broken springs, all of which can worsen and lead to door collapse if not addressed by a professional.

    • Grinding noises: These often signify worn-out parts, misaligned tracks, or opener problems. Ignoring them can cause further damage and costly repairs down the line.

    • Rusty tracks: Rust isn’t just unsightly; it weakens the entire system and increases the risk of breakdowns and premature door failure. Let a professional assess and address the issue before it gets worse.

Why Choose a Professional?

    • Expert Touch: Trained technicians ensure proper spring selection and installation for optimal safety and performance. They’re not just swapping parts; they’re safeguarding your home.

    • Beyond the Spring: They don’t stop there. A full inspection of your entire garage door system uncovers potential problems before they become bigger (and costlier) headaches.

    • Preventative Maintenance: Lubrication, adjustments, and minor repairs are often included, extending the life of your garage door, and saving you money down the line.

    • Peace of Mind: Professional work comes with warranties and guarantees, giving you the confidence that your investment is protected.

Bonus Tip: Before calling a professional, troubleshoot the problem. A squeaky spring might just need lubrication, not replacement. If the noise persists or the door seems off, don’t hesitate to bring in the pro.

By choosing a trained professional for your garage door spring replacement, you’re investing in safety, efficiency, and ultimately, peace of mind. Let the experts handle the heavy lifting, while you kick back and enjoy a garage door that operates like a dream.SSC is a garage door spring manufacturer and parts supplier trusted by professionals for their quality and reliability to provide them with the necessary parts to repair your garage door. Please reach out to your local garage door professionals for repair needs. SSC does not sell directly to the homeowner.

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