Website Tips – Payment Portal

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SSC’s payment portal allows you to quickly make a payment and review past invoices. Our accounting team can get you set up immediately and even if you’re a long-standing customer, you can see your full invoice history right away.

To set up an account, call our Accounting department at 330.476.2757. They will then send you an email with your username and password and a link to the site. Once you’re logged in, you’ll want to set up your ‘Wallet’. Click on the red ‘Add new payment method’ and select either credit card or eCheck to add your bank account information. You can also add multiple forms of payment.

We do accept all forms of payment through the portal, but recommend eCheck since there is no hold on previous funds if your order changes. Once you select your method of payment, go ahead and fill out the information requested and hit save.

You will now be able to make a payment on any open invoice. To do this, click ‘make payment’ at the top of the page. Select the ‘Pay’ box on the invoices you wish to make a payment on. Click ‘Next’ and select which account you’d like to use, click submit and you’re done!

Lastly, you can view your invoice and payment histories. View the full invoice online or download and print a copy for your records.

We hope this helps get you started on our payment portal. Join us again soon for more videos on using our website to your full advantage.

For more information and other visual step by step video instructions, visit our YouTube to watch a short video on our other topics!



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