Residential swing gate operators can open by, either pulling the gate from the inside into the property or pushing outward to the outside. These operators are usually mounted on the side support structure and attached to the gate.


Site Check:

This is the first, very important step. On site checks make sure installation is possible, the gate functions well and gives you an idea as to what additional equipment is needed.

Once you have reviewed the site and know what type of swing gate is best, you are now ready to install the operator.



Locating a proper area to mount

Make sure you have a level installation which is essential for proper operation.

Installing the control box:

The opener arm is now connected to the control box

Make sure the AC power is off and there are no live wires


Knowing what entry and exit equipment is needed:


Setting opener limit and force adjustments:


You are now done installing the gate operator! Make sure to test the gate and all additions made and secure the control box before handing over the remote and manual to the owner.