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There are two ways you can look for products. First, we’ll look at the sites top navigation. We divided products into similar groups for faster shopping. You can shop by Springs, Hardware, Operators and Parts, Weather Seal, and gate-specific products. You can also view products that have more of a specialty use like truck doors, tools, screen doors, and folding gates.

Once you choose your section, you can start browsing by category. Inside each category is a list with description, price and image for fast reference. If you know exactly what you want, you can choose the “quick add” icon by clicking the plus sign and add the quantity you need.

The items will be added directly to your cart. If you want to learn more about the product, click on the part description to see the full information available on the product, including 360 photography, available safety sheets, quantity price breaks, videos and product manuals.

If you know exactly what you need, the search feature at the top of each page is another option. You can click on the items that appear to see more information and see similar items.

Once you’ve placed a few orders, we have a new favorites feature that enables you to quickly reorder your popular items! When on the product’s page, click the heart icon right next to the description. Easily access your favorites list in your account panel under ‘order’. Not only can you mark individual parts as favorites, but you can favorite past orders, so reordering only takes 2 minutes!

Manage your past orders on the SSC website

For more information and visual step by step instructions, visit our YouTube to watch a short video on each of these topics!


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