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Over the past 10 years, SSC has had a passion to share the industry knowledge our talented team has acquired. From this idea, we created Solutions Education, a video training program that permits you to pick and choose what you want to learn. We have every topic covered from how to measure springs to installing new operators. We even offer tips on how to market your company.

Each of our customers has access to these courses for FREE… so let’s get started! On the SSC ‘Home’ page, click the drop-down menu under the ‘More’ tab and click on ‘Education’. Courses are split up by category and skill level. Each of our courses has a quiz at the end that permits you to see individual progress. You can also submit the certificates of completion for IDEA educational credits.

Now that you know what Solutions Education can do, let’s get started on setting up your team for training. As an ‘Owner’ or ‘Manager’, you can add new employees to your SSC web account. To do this, after you’ve logged in, go up to your user account information at the top right of the screen and click ‘account settings’. From there, click on ‘Users’ then ‘Invite’ on the left side panel. Type in the user’s email address and assign their user level.

If you’d like your employees to focus on specific courses, you can assign multiple videos to their watch list. While still in the ‘Users’ panel, go to ‘Create Course Assignments’. A list showing all our possible courses will appear. When you click on ‘Assign Course’ a list of everyone with a company web account will appear. Select as many names as you need, and the course will automatically be added to their ‘Watch Later’ list. 

You can also see the progress each trainee has made on their course list. Click on their progress report to see which courses they have, the date they completed the course and the score on their quiz. You can also click on the email button to receive the completion certificate for submission to IDEA. 

For more information and visual step by step instructions, visit our YouTube to watch a short video on each of these topics!

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