Website Tips - Checking Out

Once you’ve completed shopping, click on the cart icon in the upper right-hand corner of the website. This allows you to review everything you have saved in your cart and will also show the number of product types you have saved. Here you can delete items or change the quantity, apply any rewards, and add a coupon if you have one. When you have everything entered correctly click ‘check out.’ Now you can select your shipping address and contact information from your saved information or enter a new one.

Once you’ve selected your contact information, you can choose the method of shipping. You’ll notice that several different SSC locations might be listed as ‘ship from’ options. The site will automatically choose the location that has the lowest price for you, however you can choose to change the shipping location to any available site. This comes in handy if you prefer to pick up your order at one of our service centers nearest you. Select the method of payment you wish to use. The prices for each method of shipment are listed next to the options. You can also select from two pickup options: Regular Pickup, which will be ready in standard lead times, and Expedited Pickup, which is available in 2 hours and applies for orders that are less than 10 springs and under 500 lbs. Be sure to call and check that your order is available if you haven’t received a notification.

Once you choose your shipping method you can now review your order and finalize. You’ll receive an order confirmation in your email after you place your order. If you had a good experience from SSC’s online ordering we hope you’ll write a Google Review! We’d like to hear about it! If you have any suggestions or feedback for us, we want to hear that too. Fill out the survey at the bottom of the email to help us learn more about.

For more information and visual step by step instructions, visit our YouTube to watch a short video on each of these topics!

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