Website Tips - Reviewing Products on the Website

One of the newer features added this year was the ability for customers to review products on our website. This will help others know what items customers view as top quality and provide us feedback on what products aren’t meeting your expectations.

Even if you called over the phone, you can still submit reviews on the website, as long as you’ve ordered the product within the last 3 months. There are several ways you can review an item. The first is to go to the product page and click ‘Write a review’. If a product already has a review, you’ll see the stars indicating its current rating. Click on the stars to add your rating!

The second way to write a review is under ‘Account Settings’. Click ‘Orders’ then ‘Reviews’. From here, you can manage all the reviews you’ve placed or click on ‘Parts you can review’ to see a full list of parts you’ve purchased in the past 90 days. You can then click on the item you want to review and this will take you to the product’s page. Now follow the same steps as before.

After you submit your comment, a second window will appear that shows all other star reviews and your comment as well. If you need to edit your comment, you can do so on this page.

For more information and visual step by step instructions, visit our YouTube to watch a short video on each of these topics!

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