Tips for Modifying Stock Commercial Door Openers

There are times when the features of a stock commercial opener are not quite enough for the needs of the job. In this article we will look at some of the common modifications you can do to better serve the needs of your customers. We will specifically be looking at LiftMaster opener modifications, but other openers may have the ability to have the same or similar modifications.

What if I have a heavy garage door that drifts?

To help prevent a heavy garage door from drifting down in the opening we recommend installing an opener with a brake solenoid. Stock openers 3/4 H.P. or greater have brake solenoids installed from the factory. Continuous duty ½ H.P. openers will have to have a brake modification added at the time of order. Brake solenoids are available for both trolley and hoist openers and can come factory installed or added at the job site.

Dual Trolley modifications are required for a door that is 22’ or wider.

A dual trolley modification provides equal support for wider doors and greatly minimizes the risk of damaging the top section of the garage door. To accomplish this the front idler is replaced with a sprocket that acts as a drive for the second trolley that is connected via a solid shaft. This modification is available for both trolley and hoist openers, but for hoist the modification must be factory installed.

What do I do if I have limited space for an installation?

If you have limited side room LiftMaster offers a factory installed center mount modification for any jackshaft or gear head operator.

If the garage door installation you are completing has limited back room, you can get a minimum depth modification. For normal trolley openers the power head can be mounted next to the rail which will save you 18” of back room. If you are using a damp environment or water/oil tight modification with this modification it will save you 12” as the powerhead is a bit larger in this unit.

What if I have an installation that is in a damp environment, such as a car wash?

LiftMaster offers a TEFC motor modification which provides a water and oil tight enclosure, a water and oil tight 3-button wall station and a nickel-plated chain. (Note: This is made to order opener so be sure to have all your correct specification at the time of purchase.) 

Additional Modification to Know

  • NEMA 4/12 Modification – Watertight/oil-tight/dust-tight modification that includes a Dynamic brake, replacing the solenoid brake.
  • NEMA 4X – Known as the corrosion resistant modification and comes with a superior motor and includes a NEMA 4X controller enclosure.

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