Amazon Key - Customer Eligibility & Delivers FAQs

Can any customer receive an In-Garage Delivery?

Homeowners must live in a Key-eligible location to be able to receive In-Garage Delivery. About 75% of U.S. residents live in a Key-eligible area as Amazon is rapidly expanding the availability of this service. The service is not available outside the U.S. at this time.

How do I know if a customer is in an eligible location?

To check on a specific customer address, please visit

How does Amazon In-Garage Delivery work? Does Amazon always have access to the garage?

LiftMaster does not give access codes to the driver. Amazon confirms the authorized driver is at the correct address with the correct package through an encrypted authentication process. When this is confirmed, a one-time access code is granted through the delivery driver’s app. The door will not open if the package is not scanned or if the driver is not within 100 feet from the garage. The driver then slides the package inside and closes the door. It only takes a few seconds. The customer can re-route the package to the front door at any time.

All In-Garage Deliveries are backed by the Key by Amazon Happiness Guarantee. If an In-Garage Delivery was not completed to the customer’s satisfaction, or if a product or property were damaged as a direct result of the delivery, Amazon will work with the customer to correct the problem.

If customers want a live view of deliveries taking place, what cameras will work with Key by Amazon?

The LiftMaster Smart Garage CameraTM, the Amazon Cloud Cam (Key Edition), and the Ring Indoor Cam will work with Key by Amazon deliveres. Other cameras can be used in the garage if customers can scroll back and see recordings. However, the cameras listed are the only ones that allow users to view the delivery event directly in the Key by Amazon app.

What is the Key by Amazon app and how is it different from myQ?

MyQ is the app that homeowners use for all garage control and garage alerts. The homeowner's myQ account can be linked to the customer’s Amazon Prime account directly in the myQ App. Technicians do not need to have the customer download an additional app in order to get a registration credit.

The homeowner will be asked if they want to download the Key by Amazon app at the end of the setup. This Amazon app has real-time notifications about In-Garage Delivery. On delivery day, the customer will receive a notification in the morning with a 4-hour delivery window upon which the delivery driver will arrive at the home. Right before the driver arrives at the home, customers receive an ‘Arriving Now’ notification. Customers can choose to watch the delivery live if they have opted to install one of the cameras listed above.

How does the customer actually place an order for a package to be delivered to the garage?

Prime members will be able to choose the ‘In-Garage Delivery’ shipping option at checkout when shopping on for all eligible Prime items.

Does Key by Amazon work with all brands of openers and apps?

Key by Amazon works only with myQ technology, which is supported by both Chamberlain and LiftMaster garage door openers. Additionally, the myQ Smart Garage Hub brings smartphone control not only to Chamberlain and LiftMaster openers, but also to any garage door opener built after 1993.

How much does In-Garage Delivery cost?

Key by Amazon In-Garage Delivery is a FREE service for Amazon Prime members. There is no additional cost to choosing this option at checkout.

Are there special drivers for In-Garage Deliveries?

In-Garage Deliveries are carried out by some of the same professional drivers who you know and trust to deliver your Amazon orders today. These individuals are thoroughly vetted, with comprehensive background checks and motor vehicle records reviews.

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