3 Garage Door Spring Stocking Methods – Advantages and Disadvantages

In this guide, we explore the advantage and disadvantages of 3 garage door stocking methods for torsion and extension springs. Our hope is that this guide helps you determine the best solution for your business. 

PRO TIP: We recommend downloading our spring engineering app. The app helps speed up the time spent on the job site for all options listed below.  

Option 1 – Stock Precut Springs

The first option recommended is stocking precut springs already assembled with winding and stationary cones installed. We have already done the engineering based on 7’ and 8’ standard lift sectional doors with standard 400 series drums.

Our stock spring program has springs available to accommodate the following.

  • Garage doors that weigh 70 to 200 lbs. for single and 2 spring assemblies
  • Garage doors up to 400 lbs. for 2 -spring doors
  • A wide variety of the most popular springs purchased today


  • With the cones already installed in the springs, you spend less time at the jobsite and fix the door in a shorter amount of time.
  • Stocking a good mix of different springs allows you to service a great number of garage doors
  • Eliminates the need for return trips

SSC has all the stock springs ready to ship and permits you to combine different springs for the best quantity pricing. Contact our sales team today to discuss available options or to place an order.


If you do not have an exact match in stock you will need to know the weight of the door.

PRO TIP: If you have the old spring, you can use the SSC Spring Engineering app to help you convert the old spring into one of the stock sizes you have on hand.

Option 2 – Long Length Springs

The second option we recommend is to stock long-length springs. Some garage door technicians feel this is the best option as it allows for the most customizable inventory to accommodate most spring assemblies.

We have these springs in stock and ready to ship for common wire sizes of .192 to .306 with common inside diameters (ID) of 1 3/4” and 2” in a length of 10’ (120”). With the proper cutting tools, you can cut the spring to the exact size you need.

PRO TIP: Ensure you have cones on hand and at the job site to save time.


  • Having a variety of long -length springs in stock allows you to complete the job in a timely manner
  • Eliminates the need for costly jobsite returns


  • Extra cones needed
  • Extras tools required to cut and add cones to the springs

UPSELL OPPORTUNITY – Use the SSC Spring Engineering app to convert to a higher cycle spring you have in stock.

Option 3 – Stock Certain Number of Springs at Specific Lengths

Stocking several wire sizes in 1 3/4” and 2” IDs at the length of 40” to 45” will allow you to service a greater number of customers. Use the SSC Spring Engineering App to help you upgrade an existing spring that is smaller and only good for 10,000 cycles.

PRO TIP – For these types of springs, have SSC install stationary cones on one end. This will save you time at the job site.

One disadvantage is that you will have scraps left over after cutting the springs to size.

We hope that after looking over these options you are more comfortable stocking springs that work best for your business.

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