Marantec Garage Door Opener Synergy 380 Install

Image of Marantec Garage Door Opener Synergy 380

Included in the Install Box:

Here is what is included in the Marantec Garage Door Opener, Motorhead, a remote control, wall console, screw terminal block, modular receiver, terminal cover and programming connector with cover. Included also are safety eyes, wire holder kits, and brackets for the header and opening arm.

Steps to install a Marantec Garage Door Opener Synergy 380:

  • Install the header bracket and header mounting bracket according to the directions in the instruction manual.
  • Attach the rail to the motorhead. The sprocket opening will slide over the motorhead shaft.

Image attaching hardware to Marantec garage door opener.

  • Secure the rail brackets over the rail. Then slide the mounting bracket over the rail.
  • Attach the rail to the header mounting bracket using the ping and ring clip.

PRO TIP: Make sure to support the other end of the rail with a ladder or second person.

  • Once the rail is secure to the front mount, raise the door and set the rail on the door, making sure the rail is centered. Now you can back-hang the opener using the mounting bracket.

PRO TIP: Make sure to bend over the tabs on the mounting bracket to make sure it is secured in place.

  • Attach the opener arm mount to the center of the door. Make sure there is a reinforcing strut or angle above the door bracket. Now you can attach the two pieces of the opener arm together.
  • Next, install the infrared eyes and run the wires to the motorhead. Remember to remove the sensor cap protector. Marantec provides wire holder kits so you can run the wires from the infrared eyes to the motorhead cleanly.
  • Run the wires for the wall console and secure it to the wall. Once the safety eyes and wall console are in place, you can secure the wires to the screw terminal block. The safety eyes go to number one and two while the wall console goes to three and four. Slide the terminal block into the motorhead.

Image of garage door technician setting the travel of the Marantec Synergy 380 Operator.

  • Now it is time to set the travel. To start, lift the door to the fully open position and then measure a half inch this. This is where we will install the open limit bumper.

Remember: Screw covers are provided for the protruding screws on top of the rail.

  • Press and hold the “P” button for three second to put the logic board into programing mode. Press and hold the “+” button until the door is at the desired open position, then press the “P” button to save.
  • Press and hold the “-” to close the door. Once the door is fully down, press the “P” button again to save the down travel setting.
  • While still in programming mode, plug the receiver into the motorhead. Press the transmitter button twice and press the “P” button again to save the remote and end the express programming.

You are now done! Make sure to check the instruction manual if you have an odd install. For more installation assistance, be sure to check out all our Solutions Education courses.

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